Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bath Marathon, DAY 7-9 The Final lap

Yes!!!!!!! The First Marathon is over! 45 paintings! Pure perspiration and inspiration! I feel worn out but glad to be alive with good health to do this, GLORY BE TO GOD!



















I will be sharing all the lessons and tips form this trip in my next post, meanwhile I am getting ready for a one week Campmeeting in Wales!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bath Marathon, DAY 6

These are pics from Day 6-Saturday, last week. I am a bit behind in posting as I couldn't get Internet service yesterday.

Adebanji on painting 25-I never planned to take this on but I came out of the YMCA and saw this beautiful Antique Market, I couldn't resist painting it!

Adebanji on painting 26

Adebanji on painting 27

Adebanji on painting 28

Adebanji on painting 29

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bath Marathon, DAY 4 and 5

Today I am posting pictures for day 4 and 5. (Thursday and Friday, last week)Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Adebanji on painting 16-Milsom Street in the morning-I spent close to 3 hours on this piece, trying to get all the drawing correctly

Adebanji on painting 17-At Walcott Street, here, I needed to paint with umbrella in one hand and paint brush in the other

Adebanji on painting 18

Adebanji on painting 19

Adebanji on painting 20

Adebanji on painting 21

Adebanji on painting 22-Avoiding the unpredictable weather from YMCA

Adebanji on painting 23-Avoiding the unpredictable weather from YMCA

Adebanji on painting 24-Here at night, a guy watched me in the cold for about 90 minutes, he was freezing and so was I. But this guy endured the cold to watch the painting unfold, he said he had never seen anything like it, he even went to sit on the bench near the lights for him to be included in the picture, he really wanted to be part of the painting. Never have I had a stranger get so wrapped up in watching me paint-unbelievable! He asked where the exhibition would be taking place and promised to buy this picture and tell everyone, he is even in it!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bath Marathon, DAY 3

These are shots from day 3. I had to paint under shelter because of the changing weather conditions. The constant walking around to find good sheltered locations almost made me loose out in valuable painting time. Thank God I got 4, done!

Adebanji on painting 15

Click HERE to see post of me by Laurie Moses at the Bath Gallery with my pochade box and finished painting.

Adebanji on painting 14

Adebanji on painting 13

Adebanji on painting 12

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bath Marathon, DAY 2

It's day 2 and the rains make it almost miserable to paint. But I had to find shelter spots. It wasted time but I managed to get back on track. Enjoy the pictures below as I battle it out!

Adebanji on painting 11-it was 12 midnight and the lights on the Abbey went completely out, the painting ended up looking spooky

Adebanji on painting 10
This is one of my best spots in Bath, Kingsmead Square, under the tree-is a painters paradise

Adebanji on painting 9
The Railway staff had to give me a tag and sign on for me to paint on the platform.

Adebanji on painting 8

Adebanji on painting 7- the rain hit me here so hard, I almost packed up and went home.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bath Marathon, DAY 1

Yes, as promised I have here the pics of me painting in and around the City of Bath.

I have never embarked on such a Marathon before and I'm not so keen on long distances, at school I was more of a sprinter, quick and fast but when it comes to Marathons, especially with the prevailing and unpredictable British weather-it's going to take some real grit and endurance.

Here are some pictures.

Adebanji on painting 6

Adebannji on painting 5

Adebanji on painting 4

Adebanji on painting 3

Adebanji on painting 2

Adebanji on painting 1

Adebanji catches the Bold Impressionist-Roger Dellar ROI PS RI painting in the rain at Bath, he was doing his second painting to be included in the Bath Prize

Adebanji browned, burnt and orched in the Limestone City of Bath....ready to go!

The first day was great but then came the rains on day 2......oh ooo....I wasn't prepared for the rain-I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

AFRO XXXI and XXXII , Mixed Media, 2010 (The Flying Moleskins)

This is a continuation of my current series on AFRO HAIR. These two pieces have been used for the flying molekins project that I am currently taking part in.

AFRO XXXI-The model here is Tiffany. This one is for Dominique, who is Tiffany's mum. The same materials mentioned in the piece below were used for this one.

AFRO XXXII-The model here is my daughter, Kezia. This one is for Michelle. I have used Oil base pencil, graphite and charcoal dust for this piece on printmaking paper.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sketches on the bus, train and tube in July IV

More sketches! It's a shame I'll be missing London life for about 10 days as I head to Bath, The World Heritage City, for a 6" x 8" Plein air Painting Marathon! Hopefully, I'll keep you posted with pics of me painting, no full paintings yet...!