Tuesday, September 30, 2008

EMOTIONS III, 11" x 14", mixed media, 2008

Tentative...............the third in my emotion series. These faces tell the whole world.......it's written!

This was developed from one of my tube sketches.

This is all about the mental state of people that can arise spontaneously rather than through conscious effort, it could be accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling: the emotions of joy, sorrow, reverence, hate, and love.. etc

AFRO SERIES X, 12" x 16", charcoal/carbon pencil, 2008

This is the 10th in this series!

Through some inspiration from Silvina Day while commenting on one of the series, I decide to add one of me!

This is how my mum would shape up my hair a couple of years ago.

The emphasis once again is the beauty of black hair!

lines, angles and curves, 7" x 11", mied media, 2008

This was another opportunity to join other artists in Karin Juricks Different Strokes from different folks. This week it was still life and I can't remember when last last I did still life. But this was the task for the week and I gave it a go. I have used biro,tombow wash pens, gouache and acrylic.

Monday, September 29, 2008

AFRO SERIES IX, 12" x 12", mixed media, 2008

This is the ninth in the Afro Series I am currently working on. I saw this little girl yesterday at church and I couldn't resist taking pictures of her in her Afro! I worked on one of the shots in acrylic, wax crayons, oil base pencil, biro and coloured pencils on canvas board.

I had to stop a bit early as was on the verge of overworking the piece. Also I wasn't keen on the resemblance as the emphasis of this series is the beauty and variety you can get from Afro hair.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sketches on the tube in September XIV

More people..............Sketches are of a different size because I forget my sketch book at home and I have to use some Jotter papers in my bag to seize the opportunity. The advantage is that the sketches are bigger- the disadvantage is that the paper is not acid free.

THE PROCESS-Insight into a sketching journey from Belvedere to Sloane Square in September XIII

This is an insight into how I go about my sketches.

At Belvedere Station I am waiting for the train, but I need to wait for a couple of minutes. I grab few sketches while waiting of a lady reading the papers. Then the train arrives at 11.32am.

I board the train but sleep off till around 12 noon, when I wake up at London Bridge. I must have been sleeping for 30 minutes! When I get up from my sleep I see a woman that seems to be preparing for a meeting. I sketch her from London Bridge till the train stops at Cannon Street.

I get off at Cannon Street and change from South Eastern Trains to The London Underground. I need to get the Circle or District line from Cannon Street to Sloane Square. When the train comes I sketch a man reading the papers from Cannon Street to Mansion House. Then from Mansion House I sketch a handsome man who sits in the place the other man sat after he got down. I finish sketching the handsome man at Temple.

When the handsome man gets off at Temple I am left with a beautiful young lady who is not quite happy about something on her phone, so her mouth shows a mood of disgust. I sketch her from Temple to Victoria, where she gets off.

Then when the beautiful lady gets off at Victoria, I am left with the sight of three quarters of a mans head, which I sketch from Victoria to Sloane Square. I get down at Sloane Square and that's it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

AFRO SERIES VIII, 8" x 11", mixed media, 2008

This is the number 8 in this series. I experimented with my tombow marker pen and water with some white gouache. I was quite pleased with the effect.

The emphasis is to show the beauty, variety and possibilities of natural black Afro hair.

AFRO SERIES VII, 9" x 10", watercolour, 2008

This is my seventh in the AFRO series. I just went straight ahead with 2 watercolour brushes, paint and water, no more, no less.

This one is purely experimental.

The emphasis is the beauty of black hair.

AFRO SERIES VI, 15" x 11", mixed media, 2008

This is the 6th in my current Afro series.
The emphasis once more is the beauty of black hair!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

INTERNAL CONGESTION I, 100cm x 80cm, oil on linen, 2008

This is the first of a series of paintings on the "jamming" inside public transport or the "sandwich" or "packed liked sardine effect".

I use the London Transport everyday and this is what I experience, I would just love to put my experiences in paint to share with the world! Its a wonderful place to be, if you love people, figures and faces- there is no other place to see them all melted into one spot as the London transport system.

AFRO SERIES V, 12" x 9", mixed media, 2008

This is the fifth in the Afro Series- which the emphasis is on the beauty of black hair. The model again is Esta. Here she is in a world of her own! I add the African motifs as this represents her ethical background.

One picture was taken at night and one in the day time-makes a lot of difference!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tones and Reflections, 100cm x 80cm, oil on linen, 2008

This work was conceived about 2 years ago. My ever amazing model and friend Esta, has always wanted me to paint her. So one morning I went to sketch her at home and take pictures of her playing the the piano. After looking through all the pics the one that struck me most was the one that didn't actually show her expression but revealed it in her reflection in the mirror above the piano she was playing. I have know Esta for almost 10 years, so painting her was no difficulty but the keys and tones on the piano were a nightmare. But I think after 2 years of thinking, planning, delaying, postponing - I can now breathe some relief of it being finished. not sure really................might revisit!

Painting of Dory (stage 3)

Yesterday I was able to get another 120mins with Dory. It was a very quick 2 hours. Hope to get more done next Monday.

Sketches on the train.tube and bus in September XII

More people........................

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sketches on the train and tube in September X

Today I get some happy faces on the train. Well before you think about it, It is Friday and these happy Orientals looked like Tourists anyway.... I could be wrong....

One guy I sketched today, had a look at my sketchbook, and was quite impressed, he really got nervous when he knew I was sketching him but he ended up calm and we had some nice discussions.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

AFRO SERIES IV, 14" x 21", Pastel/oil base pencil, 2008

This is the 4th in the Afro series. This pose was naturally taken in to by the model.............I thought the pose she took was brilliant!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The PC Effect, Oil base pencil, A3 Sketch pad, 2008

This is how we often are, gazing at a computer screen for all our needs, so to speak. Life has really changed.........I did this quick sketch as she was trying to sort out her website, she was really concentrating............

The Builder, 11" x 14", Pastel/Oil base pencil, 2008

I met this guy recently at a building site and he looked immediately fantastic! I couldn't resist asking if I could paint or sketch him. He had little time available, so with his consent, I snapped him and worked on it three days after in my sketch pad.

I really couldn't stop looking at him. Almost reminded me of some figures in the ancient times!