Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sketches on the train/tube in September VII

Back to the sketches as Josh goes to Nursery today. More people............


Marian Fortunati said...

Those are terrific!!!
I have tried to sketch people like this... Of course you're much much better, but I always feel weird because you end up staring at people ...
Has that been a problem for you before or does the fact that you're so good at it give you a "pass"?
Do people come over and look often?

adebanji said...

Hi Marian, thanks for these wonderful comments- I'm really encouraged!

Well as for tips I'll copy and paste some tips I shared om my blog woth Winsor and newton. To see the two parts please go to my WINSOR and NEWTON blog link on this page.

Maybe in 3-4 years I have had about 5 difficult times and confrontations-so being "good as you say- gives me NO PASS"- but the rest has made me have an ADDICTION to SKETCHING on public tranpsort!

These are the tips, don't forget to see the rest on the W/N page.
Here are more of my tips:

• While sketching keep your focus on structure. This has to do with the planes of the head, the overall structure. Once this is nailed down correctly, the features will fit in properly.

• Always try to keep your values simple. I normally settle down for only 3 (Dark, Middle tone, Light). These are enough for a sketch to have a lively 3 dimensional look.

• Lines are powerful. Everything I like about sketching has to do with line. Make your lines speak. Every line should be put down with a purpose in mind, after some keen observation. Don’t just dabble line for the sake of it or to try and make the sketch look attractive.

• Don’t be afraid to show people who you have sketched, how it looks. I only do this occasionally when I know I have done a really good job and I would feel something is missing if they don’t see it. So we both share the joy of sketching.

• The best people to sketch are those who are reading or sleeping. If you want to sketch someone who is awake, make sure you are listening to your heart, if your heart tells you the model is an angel go for it but if not, don’t. I once could not resist sketching a scary big bloke with tattoos, a funny hairdo and a big ear lobe. He was a sketchers dream, so I did it on the newspaper I was holding, and transferred it to my sketch pad afterwards.

• Sometimes if a person is going spend a long time on the tube or train - you can tell by the way the person sits down - if the person sits in a relaxed way, takes off their jacket, takes out a book… you’ll kind of know this is a candidate for more than 4 stops, which is great. So study their body language too and don’t get frustrated by those who keep getting off at the next stop.

• If someone is beside you and not in front of you and you still can’t resist sketching them. I would advise, you look for a while and then sketch from memory. This keeps you from turning your head to the side every so often

• I sketch by watching the movement of the angles in which the head is positioned. Angles are great for learning the way to sketch. If you get the right tilt you’ll be very close to getting what you want from what you can see.

This is all for now, my next bog will be on little water colour studies. Keep Viewing!