Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kezia(VI) and Josh (XVI) in sleep mode, Oil Base Pencil, 2009

The records in my visual diary of sleeping modes continue with Josh and Kezia.

The only time I can really capture them in a peaceful bliss.

Both sketches are done with Oil Base pencil (soft).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bath Experience I, 2009

My first time at Bath! I was more than impressed! It seems they planned the whole city to look like ancient Rome. One thing stood out to me and that was the colour of the buildings were all faded yellow orche. I only spent a day and a half and I couldn't stop taking pictures, that I will have to develop into paintings, as the whole city is just a painters' delight!

Here (below) are two rough pen and inks I did of the Roman Baths and Kingsmead Square. I really enjoyed the experience, hope to go back there!

The unpredictable weather almost spoiled my plein air experience, I 'll share in later posts.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Charing Cross Rd, Oil sketch, 7" x 12", 2009

Experimenting painting the outdoors, indoors- I worked on this piece for approx 3 hours to keep it fresh and lively as I would have painted it on the spot.

It's one of my most frequently walked roads in London, I always go to the Borders and Foyles Bookshop on this road to read art books!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

AFRO XXVI, 12" x 16", oil on canvas, 2009

Another shot at my current Afro series. I met this girl on the escalator at London Bridge, her Afro got my instant attention, I asked if she'll like to be part of my current project, she agreed when she saw some samples of my previous work. I didn't really get her resemblance as you'll notice when I post the drawing version of this piece which I feel looks more liker her. But the emphasis of this series is not really about the peoples faces but their hair! I am just always captivated by Afro hair, and I carry this feeling with me into the process of working it out during the execution of the work!

Sketches on the train, tube and bus in August V

More sketches on public transport! Got to sketch myself in one of them by looking in the window at night on the trains.

Sketch of Wellington Arch-Hyde Park, A3, Pen/Ink, 2009

Out and about the city again! This time it's Hyde Park Corner and The Wellington Arch caught my attention on a hot summers morning! Temperatures went high as 30C, which is really high for London! The Ink washes dried so quickly.

This was done with Pen and ink wash on an A3 Bristol paper. The Bristol paper is very white which really helps for the vibrant result.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sketches on the bus in August IV

While sketching, it is amazing what a single line can do, what it can suggest, what it can make one to believe and probably even deceive! The whole frame of a sketch sometimes lies in the power of the line, the immediacy of it! To gain full power of it one must trust what the eyes sees and have the faith that the sketching hand would be faithful its visionary guidance.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sketch of St Mary's Church, Battersea, Graphite/Charcoal, 2009

Out and about in the city again, this time its a seascape view of St Mary's Church, Battersea. It creates a kind of contrast- the modern architecture in the background and the Church which history records had its original built in 800AD

This scene would have been far more interesting in colour. Hope to paint it when I begin paintings of the city. I liked this place because it wasn't not busy and the cool breeze from the River was refreshing!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sketches on the bus and train in August III

More people that have caught my attention!

Look closely to see some of my thoughts on some of the people sketched!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

San Francisco Blues, 12" x 16", oil on canvas, 2009

-After a few looks at the final version before, I was disturbed with the thick line that went across the picture and the red figure. Now it seems a bit more calm and relaxing, something I can live with.

This is my entry into this Karin Juricks DSFDF. The reference was a high point view of a San Francisco Street.

This piece was totally experimental, as I wanted to see how the scene would work out in a blue scheme. I started on the deadline date with many other paintings going on at the same time, so I only had 2 hours to sacrifice this into my busy schedule, as I always hate to miss out on each challenge.

I have shown a bit of the big abstract shapes I focused on from the start and how seeing them and identifying them early on before starting such work can really help in working out the painting quickly. As with many others who did this challenge, I just went straight into the painting, below are the steps after 30 minutes of painting.

step 1- This is where the main abstract shapes are knocked in at white hot speed!

step 2- This is where the sketching lines are added with an oil pastel stick to get in some highlights and dramatic lines to set the scene rolling!

This piece was done in oil on canvas in one sitting (Alla Prima)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sketch of Buckingham Palace, 13" x 10", Oil Base Pencil/charcoal, 2009

Some more sketching about in London.

This time it's where the Queen lives.

This was done with Oil Base Pencil and charcoal wash.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kezia in Sleep mode V, A3 sketchbook, Graphite, 2009

Another opportunity to capture Kezia sleeping.

I used graphite in my A3 sketchbook.

These series of sketches are a visual diary of my daughter, Kezia, asleep. It gives me the opportunity to record her features as they change and also a record to look back to in the future.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

EMOTIONS XII, 12" x 16", Mixed media on cardboard, 2009

This is number 12 in my current series on Emotions.

I used myself to model this piece.

It shows the emotions present as a human being passes through the storms of life. Silent but steady the effect is engraved and remains an experience to remember.

I started of this piece with graphite, then etched away with my blade, then I introduced Biro and wax crayons on off white cardboard.