Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Experimenting with Derwent Graphik Line Maker and Derwent Soft Drawing Pencils

I have been experimenting with Derwent Graphik Line Maker and Derwent Soft Drawing pencils for my sketches on Public Transport.

Graphik Line Maker and TOMBOW wash Pens

I have been used to using a ball point pen and it's always nice to try out something new!


The Derwent Graphik Line Maker was great to use for my regular sketches. It has three sizes 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5. I used the Sepia colour for all of  the sketches featured in this post.
Derwent graphik line maker and TOMBOW

I was more comfortable with the 0.3 and then I used the 0.1 for more details and the 0.5 for thicker lines.

Derwent Soft Colouring Pencils

At first it felt a bit odd because I have always used a ball point pen but after a while of using them I got used to them and I noticed I loved the way the ink flowed on the paper. The lines just flowed with ease and there were no breaks in the ink marks. it really just felt like an extension of my sketching hand.
Derwent soft Colouring Pencils

 I used them to sketch on Daler Rowney Cartridge Sketchbook paper (150 grams) and it worked really well on it. There's nothing like when a pen feels just right on a particular paper.

Derwent Sodt Colouring Pencils

I am very sensitive with my lines as I feel that's what helps me to capture the mood and emotions on the faces of the people I sketch. One line rightly pulled off successfully, can be all that matters on  someones lips or eyebrows.....the graphik line makers are just great for that!

Derwent Soft Coloring Pencils & Graphik Line Maker

I am a big fan of TOMBOW wash pens for the wash effect when I use lines for my sketches. I was also really impressed by the way they worked with the TOMBOW wash pens. There were no blot marks.
Graphik Line Maker and TOMBOW wash Pens

When I used the 0.1 as in this sketch above I noticed that I couldn't move as fast as I wanted to, because the lights were too thin and I couldn't cover much ground quickly.

Graphik Line Maker and TOMBOW wash Pens

The sketch above is one of the best I have done with the Graphik Line Maker, I think when I am in full concentration mode, with no distractions, I 'll be able to use this pen to it's full potential. Observing the lines and then pulling the exact angles and tilts of the lines one sees with these pens is the best way to use them. I find it easier to sketch this way.

Graphik Line Maker and TOMBOW wash Pens

The other drawing tool I tried out was the Derwent Soft Colouring Pencils. Now they are really soft and I loved the feel it had on the cartridge paper in my Daler Rowney Sketchbook (150grams) Almost too soft for my rapid movements but it has such a delicate feel.

Graphik Line Maker 

Graphik Line Maker and TOMBOW wash Pens

Graphik Line Maker 

Graphik Line Maker and TOMBOW wash Pens

Graphik Line Maker and TOMBOW Wash Pens


"There's only one way to improve your sketching skills, that way is by sketching, not talking about it, not dreaming about it, not reading about it BUT just simply SKETCHING!!!!!!!!- Addictive Sketcher

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Plein air Painting at Westfield Park, Chelsea...

It was such a great feeling yesterday when the first rays of the spring sun came up!!

I raced out of the studio to capture the feeling of the warm springlight.

I was so thrilled to go out that I forgot my paints the first time, I had to run back and tell a stranger to stay looking at my set up!

When I finally got down to business it was such a great relief to be painting outdoor again! And now it can only get better!

These are some of the pictures:

Spring Morninglight Westfield Park, Chelsea, 10" x 8", Oil on Board

If  you are interested in purchasing this piece please click HERE
The set up with my colours arranged with the light Stradamini
The location 
Halfway through-notice the abstract feel.
Addding the finishing touches
"Life begats life-If you want to add life to paintings get out into the real life and do it!!-Addictive Sketcher