Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scarlet Solitude (The Poem and The Painting), Oil on Board, 16" x 20", 2011

Scarlet Solitude.

Look deep into my eyes
there's no surprise

Look right across my face
It's deprived of grace

I am human
what about you?

I ain't no prisoner
from the zoo!

Look at me, don't try to hide
Look, man, I have lost my pride.

The latest developments have made me weep
All their promises they never keep.

What's this life all about?
Why am I here?

Should I laugh and smile
or just shed a tear?

Listen to me, just for this once
I could be your brother, I am no dunce.

Ok, you you hate me, fair, that's fine,
I'll bear no grudges, I am no deadly swine.

Finally let me just say one thing to you
you could have been me and I could have been you....

Think about it...

-@Adebanji Alade

To see how I went about painting this face purely from a sketch, click HERE

"Sometimes the most godly thing we can do is take a day off"-Max Lucado from his book-"When God Whispers your name"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sketches on the bus, train and tube in September I

Back to my travel sketches after a long break! These sketches are my art life blood! If there's anything that keeps me in good form and shape when I paint-it's down to these sketches!

"Every place, or situation, that you sketch has to be carefully observed for you to recreate it as a sketch. Therefore every sketch you do is increasing your knowledge and experience as a painter. I cannot stress enough the importance of sketching for all amateur painters, at whatever level. Try to make a habit of sketching as much as possible, both for your own enjoyment and to add to your painting "repertoire".-Sketching with Alwyn Crawshaw

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Plein Air Brotherhood

The effect of "like-minds"are powerful and when people with the same vision and drive come together to form a group the results are always explosive! The Plein Air Brotherhood is such a group. We came together to form this group because we believe so strongly in Plein Air work and the sheer joy that painting outdoor brings! Roy Connelly got the group going and growing, he says, he sees us pursuing a common goal of high quality figurative painting from direct observation.
Earlier this year we all decided to have our first exhibition and I was really glad when A & K Wilson Gallery in Harpenden decided to host our paintings! I traveled to Harpenden, Henley and Chiswick to get some of the paintings in this exhibition done and also from my local studio area at Chelsea. The rest of the group have paintings from all over the UK, painted entirely outdoors under all weather conditions. To see the complete works in the exhibition click HERE



Adebanji painting

Adebanji paints as he sketches with vitality, energy, deep concentration and flair! The results of his pieces are always alive and vibrant, the on-looker is served with reality seen in a shorthand of fluid painterly brushstrokes with blazing colour!

Summer Light, The Classic Bridge Chiswick


Anthony Painting

Anthony paints with a calligraphic rendition of mark-making that breaks down the most complicated scene into an almost mosaic jigged fusion of paint on board or canvas. Alive, is the word when you behold his pieces!

Dusk over Pink


Roy Painting

Roy is a sensitive painter, choosing to combine lean under-painting with sudden streaks of alarming bold, thick colours-it's drama and mystery combined!

Carousel at Night (SOLD)


John Painting

Never have I seen a painter so bold in application. Unpretentious is the word, very much like the Russian painters who gleaned the late 1800's and early 1900's. He lays those flat shapes as he sees them, I'll love to borrow his eyes!

Gwenver Beach (SOLD)-Prof Ken Howard added this to his Prestigious Collection


David Painting

Definitely one of the rising stars of the Plein Air Kingdom, he paints with a very calm, composed and classical approach, the results are always soothing, atmospheric and relaxing!

Kynance Cove


Karl Painting

He is a very powerful member of the group, taking on painting with so much desire, watching him paint is a delight- his brush strokes flow with skillful thoughtfulness, the effect is always beautiful to behold!

Beckley Birch Trees

The exhibition took place at A & K Wilson Gallery Harpenden-to see the complete works click HERE
Below are a few shots of the Group, hope you enjoy!

Prof Ken Howard with The Plein Air Brotherhood

The Artist Magazine had a FULL SPREAD article about the group in this months issue, make sure you grab a copy of the September Issue of The Artists Magazine.

There was also coverage in the local news

The Plein Air Brotherhood

If you are in London, get to Harpenden only 30 minutes from Kings Cross St Pancras-you'll love it! The exhibition runs runs from 1st September to 30th September.

Prof Ken Howard with Anthony Bridge