Saturday, November 23, 2013

Featured in The Artist Magazine December Issue

A Cut out of the 3 page article in The Artist Magazine December 2013

I love sketching on public transport, the streets and anywhere I get to see faces!

In the Current December Issue of The Artist Magazine, I have a 3 page article on how I transform my sketches to completed paintings.

A lot of people sketch but sometimes they wonder what to do with the sketches after turning out loads of them in their sketchbooks. I often advise students to try painting directly from their sketches, it is a great challenge but it helps one to develop ones observation and intuition.

Look out for this issue in the shops, my article is on page 46-48.

Below, I have a recent transformation that I embarked upon. It was of a lady I sketched in the way to York.

The Original Sketch

The Transformation to Colour

To see some of the steps I went through to paint this transformation, Click HERE.

I love to see how a sketch would look in colour, so, I do my best to either put some colour notes down  while sketching or observe keenly so that I'll be able to remember as much information as possible from my memory.

It's a very good practice to take note of different skin tones and colour temperature in different settings. I am always excited to find out if I was able to get as close to what I saw on public transport or not.

"Sketch and draw in such a way that you'll be able to paint from it, if possible. Train yourself to know what to put into the sketch or drawing that will make your painting exercise from it much easier."-Jeff Stultiens RP (talking to us while at Heatherleys School of Fine Art, 2005)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Discovering The City of York ( Part 3- The paintings and sketches complete)

This is the third  part about my discovery of York and very soon I'll be having the exhibition of the paintings and sketches I produced at York. The exhibition starts today at 6pm.

Ann Petherick, who runs the gallery will be having a civic party with The Lord Mayor, Councillor Julie Gunnell. I'm excited and I have really been looking forward to this!

Now, back to the final part of my paintings  and sketches of York. I'll be sharing the sketches or paintings, the location and a picture of me doing the job and a few ramblings. I hope you enjoy them!

These remaining works make it all complete-for the mini exhibition tonight I have 10 plein air paintings and 5 sketches.

All the paintings are 8" x 10" and all the sketches are 11" x 8" (A4 sized)

6. Sketch-River Ouse and Lendal Bridge from Park Inn Hotel Cafe.

I had to find shelter as the rains were coming down this morning at York. Ann advised me to go to the hotel by the river on the first floor, I did! It was a great view!!

Sketch-River Ouse and Lendal Bridge from Park Inn Hotel Cafe, 11" x 8", Graphite, 2013
Adebanji sketching from the window at Park Inn Hotel

Pic of the scene

7. Grey Evening, Goodramgate York

The rains continued all day and towards the evening when it stopped, everywhere was grey and I wasn't sure that there wouldn't be another down pour, so I found shelter to paint Goodramgate. 

Grey Evening, Goodramgate York, 10" x 8", Oil On board, 2013
Adebanji painting Goodramgate York

Picture of the Scene

8. The Back Garden at The Bar Convent, Micklegate

Oh this was a mini paradise in York! Really loved the Nuns that worked there. they really made me comfortable and when that happens, the painting gains some comfort too! I just loved the morning light on this day!

The Back Garden at The Bar Convent, Micklegate, 10"x 8", oil on board, 2013

Adebanji painting the Bar Convent Garden
pic of the scene

9. The Altar Piece in the Convent Chapel

There was a story to this chapel. I was told when Catholics were being persecuted, the Nuns preserved this place within the building so that it didn't look like a chapel from the outside but inside they did their service! A beautiful place!!! I just sat there in silence and I could hear every stroke my pencil made!

The Altar Piece in the Convent Chapel, 8" x 11", Graphite, 2013
Adebanji sketching The Altar Piece
Pic of the scene

10.  The road that leads to the Minister, Duncombe Place.

I had to paint the Minster one way or the other but while I visited the place had scaffolding on it, I had to take a place that was least affected, the trees helped with the rest.

The road that leads to the Minister, Duncombe Place, 8" x 10", Oil on Canvas, 2013

Adebanji sketching at Duncombe Place

Pic of the scene

11. Morning Light on The York City Walls

How could I ever miss painting on the City walls. The morning light was pouring through and the trees just stood there, bathing in the sunshine, begging to be painted, I had to oblige!

Morning Light on The York City Walls, 10" x 8", oil on board, 2013
Adebanji paints on the York City Walls

Pic of the scene

12. The York Railway Station from York City Walls

This posed as a great challenge, but I love challenges and I took on the railway station from the top of the City walls! I was basically baked in the sun!!! Thank God I had some water with me!!!

The York Railway Station from York City Walls, 10" x 8", Oil on board, 2013
Adebanji paints the Railway Station from York City Walls.
pic of scene

13. The Shambles

You can't paint or sketch in York without the Shambles on your list. An amazing, weird piece of traditional Architecture, so close to each other.....remarkable! I sketched this place at night!!!

The Shambles, 11" x 8", Graphite. 2013
Adebanji with sketch of The Shambles
pic of the Scene

14. Morning Light Reflections, River Ouse

This was a day, a day that inspiration said, "I LOVE YOU"-That's simply it! From the time I got to the scene, till the time I finished, I couldn't explain a thing.....the only thing I can say is that MR INSPIRATION came over and had a session with me!

14. Morning Light Reflections, River Ouse, 8" x 10", Oil on board, 2013
Adebanji's pochade set up and completed painting
Pic of scene

15. The St Mary's Ruins York

When I get back to York, I have to do more of this place, It's just amazing! This was my last shot and I really enjoyed it!

15. The St Mary's Ruins York, 10" x 8", Oil on Board, 2013
Adebanji painting St Mary's Ruins York

The pic of the Scene

SPECIAL QUOTE: "When I paint, I am lost in wonder, when I sketch I'm raptured in another world"-Adebanji Alade