Wednesday, September 24, 2008

INTERNAL CONGESTION I, 100cm x 80cm, oil on linen, 2008

This is the first of a series of paintings on the "jamming" inside public transport or the "sandwich" or "packed liked sardine effect".

I use the London Transport everyday and this is what I experience, I would just love to put my experiences in paint to share with the world! Its a wonderful place to be, if you love people, figures and faces- there is no other place to see them all melted into one spot as the London transport system.


Alice Thompson said...

Interesting painting. You see despair and gluttony in this image... and as usual when on a train everyone stays inside their own space not wanting to offend/reach out to the strangers around them. "Internal Congestion 1"... your title suggests the blockage within one's mind, spirit or perhaps body, and fits nicely with the image of people crammed inside of the cart. I read your follow up information with the size on the previous post. That clears things up a bit but doesn't detract from your unique abilty. I am glad to have found your work through DFSDF.

adebanji said...

Lol!!Amazing anaylysis, I can only say thankyou as it expresses all I would love to say. Great to discover you too!