Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sketch at Greenwich Creekside

For a very long time while commuting between Belvedere and London Bridge, a scene always caught my attention just a few seconds after passing Greenwich. It was an abandoned boat or should I say ship. I often tried to take pictures but the train was always too fast then I tried the recording the scene but I had a bit of difficulty with that too.

But yesterday I decided to search for a way of getting to the place and and I certainly found a great spot, where I made this sketch.

But it wasn't until I was going back home, yesterday, that I got the real position that won my heart. I shall be returning to this haven to paint, sketch and shoot more pics.

I used wolf's carbon pencil B and 6B in an A3 sketch pad.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adebanji,
I've scrolled down your blog and must tell you how I admire your sketches. Your portraits are lively and you seize perfectly the atmosphere of the commuter lines. Your sketches are like snapshots. I like them. Great work indeed.

adebanji said...

Thanks Helene for your comments , they are highly appreciated!