Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sketches on the bus and train in May VII

More people!!!!


webreelsreviews said...

Hm... I should get more in the habit of reviewing your bus sketches, since that allows me to get a good understanding of "skeletal frame", so to speak, of your craft :).

As always, your faces - even for a quick sketch - are great, and you seem to have an innate sense of where to shadows are needed. As the first sketch goes, the gentleman with the shades stands out for the outline and details of his face, even if the shadowing in his case doesn't strike me as a little off - were you just going for the passing skintone in contrast to his hair line? If so, then, I guess it works on that level, and you can disregard that crit if you like.

In the second sketch, the shodowing is just gorgeous - especially with the young lady at the end. The detail of her left eye is wonderful, though some of the stray floating strands of hair seem a little odd. The older man in the center is really nicely done; the shadows line up perfectly, and the wrinkles around his eyes are hurried, but effective for what you're trying to project. Nice job.

adebanji said...

That's my hat off for you once more! I wish I could borrow yopur set of eyes!!!