Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bath Experience IV, 2009

This is another post on my experience in Bath. This scene actually caught my attention on the morning I was about to leave Bath. Before this encounter I had made up my mind on what scenes I was going to paint BUT then came the morning...........I was walking up to Queens Square and Lo and Behold! A beautiful shade caused by the morning sunlight hit against the lofty trees around Queen's Square and the effect of this shadow created a wonderful warm/cool shadow on the adjacent building of Bath Academy. Wow!!! I must have been heard by a few passers by, but they must have been thinking... has he lost it or what is the wow factor about? But, only me, my camera and the scene understood the mystery that would captivate me till I got back to London to paint this scene!


I tried my best to recall all the feelings, sights, drama and mood of this place back in my studio but sometimes it can never be the same. Even an Alla Prima painting on the spot may not be able to justify my quest! But nevertheless I did what I could in oil on canvas 60cm x 30cm. You can see results in the painting above.

This was the second painting I put into The Bath Prize. Stay tuned for the post on my winning painting in the Plein Air Category- It was done just before the rains broke out......................could a grey scene have anything to write home about?


Anonymous said...

Hey Banji, it's been a while. I can see you are just as prolific as ever! This is an outstanding painting!

My daughter Haley visited Bath and brought back a souvenir of water in a tiny bottle.

adebanji said...

Thanks Silvina!It has been a long time!

Wow! She even brought back the water!!!Hmm I forgot to do that!

James Parker said...

Wow, Banji...this and the abbey are absolutely super. You may have to change your blog title to My Passion for Painting. I hope you have a trip for Glastonbury planned in the future...your skill at painting could render the abbey ruins a masterpiece on canvas. Keep strokin, my friend.

adebanji said...

Thanks James! You bet I will! Glastonbury is one of my targets for next year!

Unknown said...

Awesome...just amazing Adebanji

adebanji said...

Thnaks Frank!