Thursday, February 04, 2010

MACKY, 9" x 12", Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

Check out how this this mixed media piece of a homeless guy I met on the streets was transformed from a sketch by clicking HERE


The Activist said...


Stop by and read Original Mgbeke interview on my blog: Interview Thursday "...I wouldn't attribute the single fact that women are doing better for themselves as a cause of the higher divorce rates"- Mgbeke

DM said...

I really love the colors you used for this painting. Its really beautiful :D!

Myne said...

Mixed media, I'm wondering what and what was used. Nice painting.

adebanji said...

Thanks ST-TA! I read that interview, quite enlightening and funny!
Thanks DM!
Thanks Myne!-I used watercolour, chalk pastel, wax crayons and an oil base pencil.

Unknown said...

Wow... this may be one of my favs! The warm base color really highlights those bright strokes of color. Love it!

Paul Coventry-Brown said...

I love all those colours against that red/orange background :-) will you be doing more?