Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sketches on the train in April VI

More people with the injection of the good old tom bow markers!



Art By Erika said...

I LOVE 007 image Adebanji! I'm off on a trip tomorrow morning and you have singlehandedly inspired me to only take my pencils and pens - no colors! Do the people you draw know you are drawing them? Do they get self conscious or annoyed? I wish I could draw people incognito because I really enjoy it. But I don't enjoy having an audience when I just want to meditate via drawing you know? Most especially don't want to make the chosen sitter uncomfortable. Cheers and thanks so much for all the you do to share your art!

adebanji said...

Ok Erika, I am happy you are inspired! That's one of the main goals of this blog! Thanks for your comments.
Now, I'm just going to use the image 007 that you like as a typical example. There are three heads. The first one is me:there is no model, I am going to my studio in the late evening, so I'm left with the only option of sketching myself in the window of the train. At night they reflect just as good as mirrors.
The second head: A man comes in with a nice hat, he parks his bike in the train and has a nap. I see him from the window too, no obstruction, I'm backing him an doing my own thing. He'll never have a problem with a guy he doesn't even know is drawing at all.
The third head: I'm on the way to my studio to board the second train and I'm singing, a guy thinks I am a musician. I say no, I say, I'm just happy and love to sing. He says, What do you do? I say, "I'm an artist" He then gets on the same train as me and says I should draw him, I do and he loves it, I give him my card and we exchange business details, he is an architect and wants to use some of my urban sketching.
That's the story behind image 007.

I can't write all my experiences on the blog, there are the good, bad and the ugly. But if you are like me, someone who can't take their eyes off an interesting face, beauty, wrinkles, structure, emotions, mood and characters of peoples faces....then you are bound to sketch, you just can't help it. People may watch, they'll have a bit of fun seeing a blank page evolve into someone's face. Some comment, some don't. They maybe coming or going to work, so they can't be bothered. In the train journeys, I do my job! Life goes on.
I hope you understand my drive. Catch these moments. Don't focus on accuracy just enjoy the process. When we were kids, we all just loved to draw, what happened to that? People's comments....We can't let what people think or say stop us from enjoying the day!

Stay blessed, keep sketching...