Tuesday, June 30, 2015

PINTAR RAPIDO 2015- It's Time to Register!

Hey, It's summer!! It's the best time of the year to paint in London!!!

ARE YOU GONNA BE THE 2015 Winner????

And that's why Pintar Rapido is one of the best painting events of the year!!

That's Me, painting my winning piece in 2013 SOLD

Over 300 artists (both amateurs and professionals) gather together at the Chelsea Town Hall to get their boards, papers and canvases stamped and ready to paint any place of their choice in London!

That's Peter Brown NEAC, one of the lead Judges in 2014, shaking hands with Ben Hope (The 2014 Winner )

Registration starts at approximately 9am on the day and by 9.30 am-10 am every artist would have been at their painting spot to paint for the day. Every artist needs to be back by 6pm and the work would be instantly hung for a selling exhibition the next day! You must have resitegistered and paid for your Artist Pass before or by the 6th July, 2015.

Ben Hope,  Looking West Along Queen's Gate Terrace 25x30cm. Oil on canvas
Winning Painting Pintar Rapido London 2014

Many artists look forward to this! I took part in 2013 and I won it! Many have sold their paintings at this event and it's also a great time to meet up with loads of other artists who love to paint outdoors in the summer!

That's Haidee-Jo painting at Duke of York Square in 2014

So what are you waiting for if  you love painting outdoors! you don't need to be an ardent plein air painter to take part, just get ready and enjoy the day!

 HAIDEE-JO SUMMERS, Duke of York square, 22 X 24, OIL ON CANVAS, SOLD

TO REGISTER before the deadline on the 6th of July please CLICK HERE

Rob Adams Painting his piece in 2014


David Pilgrim, Cadogan Pier, 12" x 16", Oils

How the Hall looks with mounted and hung paintings on the Sunday at the Chelsea Town Hall


Pintar Rapido London is the UK's biggest outdoor painting festival, competition and exhibition. A weekend celebration of art and the London cityscape. It is open to professional and non-professional artists of all skill levels and it inspires hundreds of them to create a picture from start to finish in a day. The following day the public can view and buy these unique visions of London at the Pintar Rapido exhibition.

John Walsom, Embankment, Oil.

Saturday July 11; Painting Day. After choosing a location to paint , each artist has a day to create their artwork. They use their own materials and work in any style, medium or size they wish. 

Tom Hughes, Kings Road Chelsea, Oils SOLD

Sunday July 12; Public exhibition and sale at Chelsea Old Town Hall on the King's Road London SW3 5EE. Visitors can view more than 400 paintings and meet the artists, including the winner of the £1,000 Pintar Prize. 

Mark Harrison, Chelsea Reach, Oils SOLD

Runner up 2014 Cristobal Perez-Garcia King's Road oil on canvas, 73 x 146cm awarded £500 cash prize donated by Bective Leslie Marsh

 Pintar Prize. We have £3,000 worth of prizes being awarded this year, including the top award of £1,000 sponsored by sofa.com. This year we are pleased to have the award winning artist Richard Pikesley as our lead judge.

Valerie Pirlot, Battersea Bridge in the morning  11 x 14  oil on board

If you enjoyed this post PLEASE SHARE, LIKE OR COMMENT and let anyone who is interested in painting outdoor or willing to sell their painting in an exhibition the next day or anyone who is just interested in meeting up with loads of other artists who work in a variety of media and paint outdoors -THIS IS THE EVENT for you!! JUST CLICK HERE for details


Colin Joyce said...

Great article Adebanji. I can't do London as I'll be away but are planning to be in the Glasgow event. Are you going to come up to Scotland for that one?

adebanji said...

Thanks Colin, I hope I can!