Friday, April 26, 2013

Urban Shadow Highlights I, 6" x 8", Oil on gessoed mountboard (Bath Marathon Plein Air)

Looking back, I have chosen 7 works from my Bath Marathon of paintings which Highlight Shadows and Raking Light.

This is number 1 in the series- it was painted with an evening back-lighting at Widcombe Parade, Bath.

Urban Shadow Highlights I-Backlighting Widcombe Parade, 6" x 8", Oil on Gessoed Mountboard


This particular Series highlight the effect of shadows and raking light in urban space in a Modern City.

The painting in progress- It was one of those afternoon's that a plein air painter longs for. Wonderful warm evening light glowing and casting beautiful long shadows on the pavement!

I love the interaction of light and shadows in urban space and this is what the emphasis of these 7 paintings are. I'll be posting them in the next few days.

Picture of the scene- You'll notice clearly from the picture, that if I was to paint from this picture I would have missed out some wonderful warm colours that can only be experienced while at the scene, the camera can't pick those bits!

There's nothing like experiencing the scene right there and then!-Adebanji Alade


Victor Errington said...

A brilliant painting as usual Adembanji. Thank you for allowing me to use your photo my friend. All the best.

adebanji said...

Thanks Victor! You are welcome!