Friday, December 26, 2008

Sketches on the train, tube and platform in December XIII

After a lovely time with family over Christmas, I make my way back home to Belvedere from Collindale in North London. Still the trains were packed, though not running frequenly and many lines were closed.

Enjoy these sketches while you can as travelling on the train/tube for may be too costly for me in the New Year on a regular basis, Hope it gets better though cos I'll really miss all these people and the great opportunity to sketch them!


rob carey said...

Great sketches- hope you can still find opportunities to capture people in such settings as they are so good.

adebanji said...

Thanks Rob, I hope I can continue too! I'm praying for a miracle!

Alice Thompson said...

Adebanji, I guess things are tough for you too in London as it is here in the states. The economy here is frightful. Jobs are being cut everywhere and people who are lucky enough to still have them aren't getting any hours. I had to take a contract job in Dutch Harbor Alaska with the seafood industry for the next 5 months so there will no more paintings posted from me for a while after Jan 7. I thought i'd try to do some sketching though. You inspired me to give it a whirl. That place is full of fisherman and immigrants during the Cannery season... and I'll take lots of photo's for a new painting series.
I met the nicest person there years ago, Abba from Nigeria who had an amazing work ethic- much like yours and very rare to see nowadays. Be sure to check my blog in about two days. I think you'll find what I post next to be of great interest to you. I'll pray for you Adebanji.


adebanji said...

This is sooooo nice from you Alice!

I really appreciate your concern and kindness, I believe we'll make it through.

Wow I didn't know it was that bad too in the States. I hope we'll be able to stick with each other through this period- I'm sure we'll have great testimonies to share when things eventually get better.

I'll be looking out for your post!

Thanks for praying for me!

annie said...

I will savor these properly. Thank you for being such an amazing blog sketcher. I really appreciate what you share.

Hopefully things will turn around in the new year!

adebanji said...

Thanks Annie

I hope so too! Thanks once again for your compliments!

Robin Weiss said...

I guess I am kinda hooked on your blog now Adebanji!...The personalities of the folks you portray come through wonderfully in your sketches..

Times are tough all over....But God is good....all the time!!

adebanji said...

Robin, You seem to know exactly what is going on, I am hooked on it, like its my little baby!

I don't want to loose my baby so pray with me!

Thanks for the encouragement!

Making A Mark said...

Hi - you got a Special Mention for a Portrait Drawing Portfolio in My Making A Mark Awards


adebanji said...

Ahh, wow! Thanks Katherine!
I'll check it right now!

Larry said...

I'm a sucker for people sleeping on the train, but these are exceptional! You seemed to captured the essence of the individuals.


adebanji said...

Thnaks ever so much Larry! your comments are highly appreciated!

Aslam said...

Beautiful art work.

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adebanji said...

Thanks Aslam!