Friday, February 13, 2009

Joshua's First Hair Cut, 12" x 20", Mixed Media on Panel, 2009

Some events in life are common but worth remembering. One of them happens to be the first time I cut Josh's hair. He was a bit bewildered and didn't have a clue what was going on. The job had to be done and I can't say I gave him a good hair cut but that was the first time and it is worth remembering. I have improved on my barbing skills since then.

On this piece I have used mainly thin Acrylic washes, Biro and coloured pencil to temper some areas. I have also given it a kind of contemporary feel with a lot positive and negative spaces to enhance the composition and main figures.


dominique eichi said...

Adebanji, What a great piece and I like that it's not the typical sitting in the barber chair look. I love that you have some color only on you. The texture on the shirt of your son is wonderful too. What was your process on this one ?

adebanji said...

Thnaks Dominique, that's what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to work in only neutral colours but because Josh is the centre of interest, I didn't want to have the same tone as him to reduce conflicts.

The process was like this:

1. Sketch of detailed drrawing in H pencil on primed panel.

2.Using liquitex slow dri medim with Ultramarine blue nd Burnt Umber, I build successinve layers until the work is rich in tone, just like a watercolour.

3. Then I use black, blue then yellow biros to recover the drawing and to depict movement of form and shape all over.

4. I start to mix white acrylic with impasto medium to create textures on places I would like textures.

5. I then use coloured pencil to temper some areas to have motion and some sensitivity.

6. I finally come back with only black biro to draw over the main detail lines and dark shadows.

Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

I think Josh is my favorite subject of your works. You've captured his bewildered look perfectly!

adebanji said...

Thanks Sheila, I think that has to do with my close connection with him.

Gabriel Campanario said...

a moment really worth inmortalizing with a painting! my son had a hard time sitting still for his first hair cuts

adebanji said...

Thanks Gabi! Every parent must have an experience and one worth remembering.

Edward Burton said...

WONDERFUL piece, Adebanji.

adebanji said...

Thanks Edward!

Cara said...

What a wonderful work - I was drawn here via Frank Ordaz blog. Glad I came, it brought back memories of my own son's first haircut - I'll be posting photo's of that occassion on The Zen of Paco.
I am in awe of your talent and will be returning - Cara

adebanji said...

Thanks Cara, hope to see your soon.
Thanks for taking time to visit.

Adam Cope said...

fun piece - preciosu momments

particularly like the composition - studiopieces give us more time to get this aspect really working don't they?

adebanji said...

You are right once more Adam,they do give us more time, Thanks!