Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sketches on the bus in February VI

More people today. One of the guys I sketched was quite pleased, I showed him the sketch and I'll be sending him the sketch tonight.

Another Sketch has a couple who seem to know I as sketching them but didn't bother to ask to have a look.


Janet Pantry said...

Only recently discovered your sketching blog, Adebanji, -wonderful work! Personally, I would love it if someone was sketching me but some people probably don't know what to say and/or don't want to disturb you. Do you add the water washes later, back at the studio? Or do you have a secret stash of water about your person on the bus/tube?! Just curious.

Unknown said...

Every morning I sit on the train with my sketch book open and ready - to me it's like I've not started the day till I've done some sketching... there's been times where I've gone off to a nearby mall to drink coffee to make up for not having sketched on the train (sometimes it's just too crowded!)

It's fantastic to know that there are other people out there with the same obsessive behavior... even if they are 10 000km away.

I love your paintings.

Keep drawing.

adebanji said...

Thanks Janet, many have asked this question before and it might make me do a FAQ about these sketches soon.

The material that produces the wash like effect is called TOM BOW dual brush pen. I use number 75, a cool grey with a biro to sketch. No water involved.... Everything is done Alla -Prima- right there and then.

I have a post on my biro sketching kit, and I will link into this post after commenting for you to click on and see.

adebanji said...

Great Stephen Scott! Nice to hear that! We all seem to have similar passions and I am happy I can relate to what you are talking about!

Thanks for the encouragment!