Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sketches on the bus in February VIII

More people. Funny enough, I forgot my sketchbook today but I had some spare papers of about A5 size in my bag. What a relief, because without them the long bus journeys today would have been so boring and good enough I got some really intricate study sketches as there was so much traffic in the morning on the way to my studio.

I spent three and half hours commuting on the bus from Belvedere to Chelsea! That's no joke! I was exhausted when I got to my studio and I still had to paint my third sitting of Diana which I will post soon, when I have the energy.



Isabel said...

three hour and a half to get to your studio, the only good thing about it are all those sketches that are a pleasure to look at like the way you changed the background for Diana, her hair did disapear into the background waiting to see the progress

adebanji said...

Thanks Isabel!

I can't wait myself to get going on Diana's piece.

artbyakiko said...

So many sketches today! I especially like the top one and the lady sitting alone, and of course your own self portrait working on these sketches. :)

adebanji said...

Thnaks Akiko, I did a small painting of the lady sitting alone on my other blog, just to see how far I could take a sketch with colour.

The self portrait thing is a delight when there's nobody to sketch!