Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sketches of Students working on their final year exam I

I once went to a Plumstead Manor School( Art Department) to do a bit of research on what students like in an Art teacher in preparation for an Art Teacher Interview and it was really interesting. I sat in the class with them, chatted and then sketched some of the students working on their final year examination pieces. Each sketch had their name, the exam they were taking and what they were working on. It is so inspiring to be in the midst of young budding artists, the energy flow was just incredible in those studios. these studies were working on the theme "BOUNDARIES"
Even though this was done about two years ago, looking at these sketches brings back the memories to life again!


Why are you working on this?
I chose to paint something around baby and wrappings so as to portray boundaries from this sense. It has an African Influence to it, as this is how most of the women carry their babies. It also shows a sense of security. (She actually had a baby doll tied round her which she painted from as her model didn't turn up)

What do you like about Art?
Being creative and putting a piece together from scratch.

What do you like about your Art Teacher?
Very helpful, gives advice, I have learnt a lot pf things from her.


Why are you working on this?
I chose to use butterflies the opposite of boundaries as butterflies are free and they have no boundaries(She worked on a large square canvas with a big painting of a butterfly)

What do you like about Art?
I like and enjoy painting.

What do you like about your Art Teacher?
Really helpful, my teacher is a painter and she really inspires me. Last year I couldn't paint but she showed me how to do it.


Why are you working on this?
I chose the subject of bondage and slavery. How the Africans were enslaved by the Europeans. the chains denote boundaries. (She set up a still life which she was painting from- It had teapots /cups tied to African goddesses.

What do you like about Art?
I like painting, learning from other Artists, especially learning about their background information.

What do you like about your Art Teacher?
Very encouraging, She changed our points of view about painting and artists. She is very motivated and motivates us too. We all got good grades in this class.


dominique eichi said...

Great studies. I remember when I was in art school the energy there was wonderful. Do you do art work for a living ?

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

The first thought I had while reading your post, besides how great your sketches are, is how fortunate those children were to have art classes in school. It's a shame that art and music is the first thing to be cut from school budgets. I took a creative art class in high school, and even though that was a life time ago, it was the best learning experience I had.

Unknown said...

Wow... what a great opportunity you grabbed and made into something you can truly use to prepare for your interview and also produce such wonderful studies!

I would love to have a teacher like you Banji. Talented, yet humble with a thirst for knowledge and the discipline to always practice his craft. Throw in there marvelous people skills ( not everyone can get strangers to take pictures of themselves) any school would be lucky to have you as an instructor!

Anonymous said...

I love the whole idea of this. I am always so interested in what makes people tick and would love to ask people unusual questions and get candid answers. The sketches are great, the idea of asking the questions as part of the preparation for the interview.. very nice!

Isabel said...

nice you posted this even if you did them a while the sketchs are beautifull and it is good to read their interview

adebanji said...

Dominique thanks! I agree!
That's why I love being in a place where artists create together.
Yes Dominique I do artwork for a living. At that time I was considering to do a Teachers degree at University but after performing excellently in the interview I was told I still need to do a degree in Fine Art to go on the post graduate course, I didn't have the time and money so I decided to go into Art full time and see where it takes me! I am still taking one step at a time and loving it everyday! I do commissioned portraits, photography, Illustrations, Teach privately and blogg-Spread the news!

adebanji said...

EPTAS- you right about those children being fortunate! I can't imagine any school without Art and Music or even Drama!

adebanji said...

Sheila thanks I would love to have you as a student, I'll learn so much from you, at the end you'd wonder who was the teacher after all.

Yes I would love teaching, I did something similar to that but it was informal teaching and motivating adults. I did it for 7 years with homeless people, helping them out to re-discover their talents and helping them get skills they need to be creative in life. That is where I learnt to respect everyone both the dirty and clean, smelly and posh, learned and unlearned......It was sheer fun! But I had to move on!

adebanji said...

The Gypsy- Thanks! I sometimes love being an art reporter and doing interviews too!

Isabel- Thanks, I'll be posting part II here today, stay tuned!